All sales final

by Radio Somewhere


These gloves get a lot of compliments. Normally, I wouldn’t buy something sparkly. But five years ago I was in downtown Seattle on a day that turned out to be a trifle chilly, and I wished I had brought gloves. But I remembered the Daiso store in Westlake Center — where everything is $1.50 unless labelled otherwise. I bought these for a laugh — and have been wearing them ever since. I think I rather got my money’s worth.

I have a friend who just loves Daiso, because a) she loves a bargain, and b) she loves just about everything Japanese. But another reason we enjoy going there is that we have both been retail workers (we were at the same store for two years.) One of the most irksome things is handling questionable returns, i.e., when the customer has no receipt; or the receipt is well past 30 days; or the item being returned has obviously been used; or, even worse, when the item has not even been carried by the store for several years! So we both are in awe of the business that has the guts to have a “no returns for any reason” policy.

Now there’s probably no compelling reason to return an item that only cost $1.50 — but trust me — the customer who spent $15 on ten items would still expect to be able to return some of them. I wonder what happens when someone tries — because I’m sure it happens.

In the summer, I got a pair of smartphone gloves, the ones that work with a touch screen, for $1.50. I didn’t need them then, but I have learned to buy it when I see it at Daiso. I would know better than to bother asking “do you have any more in the back?” or “when will you be getting more in?”

Daiso is definitely for the more self-reliant, resourceful, high-functioning shopper. I wish more businesses followed this model!

(I just worry about where the stuff comes from sometimes.)