by Radio Somewhere

With just two days to go before NaNoWriMo kicks off, I still can’t decide whether to write my novel from the first person, or third person, point of view. I hope I’m not alone with this.

This morning I did some research and it would appear that first person narrative is very, very popular in the Young Adult genre, as it helps the reader readily identify with the main character — getting in that person’s head as it were. But, the third person point of view is more recommended for a grown-up audience. Of course, every article I read acknowledged that there are now hard and fast rules about this; depends on the story; your mileage may vary — and so on.

I have kept a list of the books I have read (or listened to) in the last six months. And, the novels have all been written in third person — with one exception being Kindred by Octavia Butler. The first person narrative was very effective as the main character, Dana, was experiencing something most extraordinary that she just had to deal with by herself most of the time. And for a while, she seemed completely abandoned.

My story could be written from either point of view. But the ongoing struggle for my main character will involve a sense of being very much “in the dark” at first; trying to make sense of limited information; and having to have faith in her intuition and gut instincts — but with considerable doubt in herself at times, feeling abandoned at times. So, I’m inclined to go for first person.

Got two more days to mull it over though…..