NaNoWriMo — just a week away!

by Radio Somewhere

November is National Novel Writing Month — known more conveniently as NaNoWriMo. If you’ve been noticing more posts about writing and coffee lately, it’s a probable explanation.

I took part for the first time last year — and was successful in writing the 50,000 words. Mind you, I was only working part time and so had almost three hours in the morning before work in which to write. I had a fairly detailed outline to work from and I had done most of the research ahead of time.

This year, I will have less time to write as I now have a full-time job. And, I have a much less definite plan for the novel. Yes, I’m going to be winging it just a bit — but I am determined to win again this year. Luckily, the month ends with a four-day weekend for me, so there is some time to catch up.

Last year was great fun. My boss at that part-time job is a huge Buckeyes fan. I sometimes wonder which he would sacrifice if forced to choose — the business or the Buckeyes. Anyway, when he told me about the rivalry with Michigan, I thought it would be a nice addition to the story I was writing. It ended up being a big part of the final chapter — which I finished while listening to Ohio State beat Michigan on November 30 of last year. I even described the nail-biting finish in some detail!

Last year’s story was humorously bizarre, and I set the right mood for writing by listening to the entire library of Welcome To Nightvale podcasts on an endless repeating loop.

This year’s story is more serious, but it will have plenty of humorous touches. I searched at iTunes for a podcast that I have playing on repeat while I write. The History of English should do the job!!

Overviews of both stories at