Is it Black Friday yet?

by Radio Somewhere

Halloween merchandise marked down forty percent. Well, there is only a week to go. And the crap has been out since before Labor Day.

My employer from two jobs ago was probably meeting with sales reps this week — to order Christmas merchandise — for Christmas 2015. I kid you not.

It’s a crapshoot for a small, independent retailer, second-guessing consumer sentiment a year in advance. That’s why the crap — I mean merchandise — has to be out in the stores so ridiculously early. If anything is likely to be a hot seller, then you want to find out before Labor Day so that there will be time to order more in time for Thanksgiving.

At that job, I dealt with Christmas merchandise in every month of the year. By the time regular people start complaining about the Christmas stuff being out in the stores too early, many retail workers are already sick of it — with the worst still to come.

Thankfully, that’s not my life anymore. I don’t have anything to do with Black Friday — knowing all the time, energy, raw materials and human endeavor that gets squandered to make it happen.

As for Halloween, isn’t that done yet?