I’ll sit this one out

by Radio Somewhere

Last week, my supervisor asked me if I would be interested in a standing desk, i.e., one high enough to work at while standing.

Part of me knows I ought to say yes. BUT — after eleven years of retail and warehouse work, I finally have a sit-down job — and I want to enjoy it! I really love my walk down to the Seattle waterfront on my 30-min break, even in foul weather. And I enjoy climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. It’s nice to go for the bus home and be happy to stand while waiting — and while riding home. Then when I get home, I feel like going for a walk again. My feet are really loving this!

I’m not sure standing at a desk for eight hours is such a good idea either. Being on your feet all day when you are moving around, such as in a retail store, warehouse or restaurant, is far easier on your feet than standing on one spot for an extended period of time. It’s the standing that kills you — not the walking around.

I also find it hard to think on my feet. Standing at a computer to ring up a customer or process a UPS shipping label is no big deal — but I know I would have to sit down to find the error in a complicated spreadsheet.

So, I declined the offer.

If there are enough takers, perhaps someone will let me have their old, comfortable office chair. Mine is a piece of junk!