Ansel Adams mystery

by Radio Somewhere

(The ghostly visage is mine. Cool eh?)

I have been living with this picture for around twenty years. It stood against the wall in the bedroom in Worcester, MA. Then it stood against the wall of the bedroom in Kentucky. It belonged to my husband, but when we broke up and he moved to Seattle, the picture was left behind.

When I moved to Seattle myself, I brought the picture in my car and put it in his house — thinking he would be glad to have it back.

Four years later, he moved to New York and gave me some furniture he wasn’t keeping. And along with the furniture, he brought this darned picture — which he insisted must be mine, and which I must have left at his house by mistake. Well, I have no idea how the picture found its way into the house in Worcester — and neither does he!

I’m ambivalent about the picture itself, but I’ve kept it out of amusement. And, it is one of the few artifacts of my Worcester and Kentucky lives that still has a place in my Seattle home.

As a composition, it is pleasing — repetition, asymmetry, balance, shadows, textures etc. It has grown on me over time and I will probably keep it for ever.

I just wonder where it came from in the first place!