Loner angst

by Radio Somewhere

This week I read that seventy-five percent of white people in America have no black friends. And I had to admit to being one of them. And it rather stunned me.

But the truth us, I don’t have many white friends either! I know a lot of people, because I have been living in the same neighborhood for thirteen years and I use public transportation almost daily. I stay in touch with a coworker from a previous job; but we get together only occasionally. I attend a lot of Meetups and networking events — but don’t see attendees outside of that forum. I volunteer with a couple of organizations but don’t really socialize outside of structured events.

I’m just not a social creature. I don’t enjoy the usual things that bring people together — although I LOVE to watch others doing so. I love to watch a wedding party being photographed; or a large family gathered together for a barbecue at the beach; or crowds of sports fans making their way to a game.

I’m happy to watch life from a distance — and never really feel I’m missing out an anything. I just don’t get lonely.

I DO worry that this a flaw in my nature — and one person actually told me that — that it’s not the way humans are intended to be.