The end — already?

by Radio Somewhere

I have being listening to an audio version of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings — read by Maya Angelou herself.

This morning, I cued it up to listen to as I got ready for work — because I couldn’t wait until I was on the bus.

But I didn’t realize it was only three minutes from the end. I heard the sweet account of her spending the first night with her newborn baby boy, after several weeks of being afraid to be close. Then some music played — and Maya Angelou thanked me for listening and hoped I’d enjoyed it.

The end so caught me by surprise!

The audio track was broken up; but as each segment ended, the next started right away. So I was not paying attention to the rate at which the story was progressing.

This is one of the features of consuming books in some electronic formats — there isn’t the sight of diminishing pages to alert you to the upcoming conclusion.

I was momentarily sad — because I was looking forward to hearing so much more of the story.

Perhaps modern-day authors will be able to use this to their advantage.

It was an amazing story. My new job requires me to participate in a lot of cultural competency training — and the story gave me plenty to think about.