For show only

by Radio Somewhere

Judging by the number of women I see carrying yoga mats, yoga must be pretty big in Seattle — at least amongst women. I’ve never seen a man with one.

I keep joking about getting a yoga mat just to carry around, so that people will think I actually do yoga! But I don’t like yoga. My joints are so stiff and klunky that I make progress far too slowly to realize anything wonderful from it.

Anyway, I’ve never been inclined to be conspicuous with my elitist lifestyle. When not in use, my travel coffee mug is inside my bag instead of tucked into a pocket on the outside. I don’t wear my transit pass around my neck. My groceries get bagged in a Safeway tote regardless of where they are bought. Most of my reading happens via my iPhone or Nook — so I don’t get to show off my fine taste in literature. (However, I do have a real copy of The Ecclesiastical History of The English People, by The Venerable Bede, which I DO like to make a display of reading in public.)

A yoga mat could come in handy though. Rolled up, it could be deployed in self-defense. And benches at bus stops are very uncomfortable.