2 eggs, toast, coffee – 99c

by Radio Somewhere

I saw this sign often back in the days when I had a car and a life that took me places.

I drove back and forth from Worcester, MA to Denver many times while I was in graduate school; and up and down to Florida several times. There were also weekly commutes to New Jersey for a while.

The best kind of vacation for me was always a long road trip. And there is something special about those early morning hours — seeing the world wake up in a different place.

Every small-town diner seems to have one large table that is always “reserved” at breakfast for a bunch of old farts who get together to share their wisdom. They are always Republicans — except one token Democrat who seems to take great joy at being the lone voice of dissent. If another liberal joined the group, he would probably start eating breakfast elsewhere. This is not just a small-town red-state phenomenon either — you see this at some Seattle coffee shops too!

I was never able to make myself order the “two eggs, toast and coffee for 99 cents” though. Even in the 1980/90s, it just struck me as too good a deal for someone who is inclined to be rather fussy about all three.

But, I like to think that somewhere out there in the hinterland of roadside America, you can still enjoy breakfast for 99 cents.