Hardly alone

by Radio Somewhere

In the beginning….


APOD: 2014 August 5 – Four Billion BCE: Battered Earth

I fancy there are a lot of such proto-Earths out there. Take a snapshot of Earth at any point in its history and there will be analogs for it — out there in the depths of space — even if out of reach of Hubble.

Volcanoes are busy outgassing. Liquid water is collecting in ocean basins. Somewhere out there, a primitive life form has crawled onto dry land for the first time. Dinosaurs are striding through giant vegetation — or leaving footprints on the sand of a beach to be buried, fossilized, uplifted and denuded — to be marveled at by paleontologists a hundred million years later. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Primitive humans are developing language and harnessing fire. Modern humans are sailing across oceans and finding that the world is round — and might not be the centre of the universe. Metal elements are being made into useful tools — and deadly weapons. Coal is being discovered and the power of steam drives railroads across continents. Man learns to fly — and yearns to go into space. Telemarketers disturb people at dinnertime and elected politicians break their promises. There is probably football.

When scientists get excited by the discovery of an exoplanet, it is as though they just found a needle in a haystack.

But I think they just found a grass seed.