Interior landscaping

by Radio Somewhere


I can honestly say I do not miss having a house with a yard. I’m too lazy these days and enjoy apartment living. But when I first moved in here, I wanted to have some impression of nature inside.

For several years I had a fountain running in this tub which I filled with aquarium gravel and various rocks and shells I picked up on the beach. I even had aquatic snails for a while and they helped keep the water clean. But the snails eventually died, followed by the fountain pump, and I just let it be a dry display.

I added some tree ornaments and other knick-knacks. And the piece of slate at the back has painted on it a scene of the Colorado Rockies.

The green lights are a new addition — something my mother spotted at the drugstore and thought might brighten up my place. So I put them in the rock garden for now, and it has made a nice little grotto in my living room.

It throws a rather nice light onto the shelf above, which I mentioned in a recent post. Needless to say, my apartment looks nothing like anything in the IKEA catalog!