Gotta write ’em to get ’em

by Radio Somewhere


My stats are never impressive. Blogs I visit get more views per post than mine does in an entire month. But, things are steadily improving — and this blog is doing better than my previous attempts.

I don’t exactly knock myself out trying to attract readers other! I don’t really have a theme going here — just random stuff that goes through my head and my life.

On the bus home today, I was driving myself nuts trying to remember the name of a comedian who had a radio show in the 1940s/50s — and a schtick about being tight-fisted. Totally blanked out, I tried to remember the name of his sidekick. Jefferson? No, that’s not it. I almost got out my phone to Google it — but couldn’t think what to search on other than “tight-fisted comedian on radio.”

It came to me under the West Seattle Bridge. Rochester! Then it was an easy leap to Jack Benny — and I was able to enjoy the rest of the ride home.

What started it was listening to Greg Proops talking about Joan Rivers, and then Bob Hope, as I got on the bus downtown.

And I just happen to prefer Jack Benny to Bob Hope — which is why it was so annoying to be unable to remember his name.

So I Googled Lenny Henry instead.

Can’t have enough comedians.