Up to speed — for a change!

by Radio Somewhere

A trip involving an interstate highway is probably a daily occurrence for many Americans — but rather rare for me!

This fine Saturday morning I attended a walking Meetup in Issaquah, about 40 miles east of Seattle. I rode a nice, plush Sound Transit bus (the 554) and got to enjoy traveling at highway speed for an extended period of time — quite exhilarating!

The walk took in some of the city’s public art…


…and ended at the Salmon Hatchery where crowds of returning salmon waited their turn…


…to attempt to leap over this obstacle…


…an act that was too quick and random for me to capture with the camera — and also not necessary once the fish discover the fish ladder!

After the walk, I went back to the old rail depot where one can take a ride on an old trolley:


But I preferred to just visit the museum….


…and enjoyed chatting with the docents on duty. (I’m a docent myself at a small museum, and it’s fun to meet other people who are drawn to that pastime!)

Then I had lunch at the Issaquah Brewhouse, washed down with jalapeno cider — which was definitely different! — and made it back to the bus stop to see the express to Seattle on its way.

Another speedy ride along I90 was accompanied by Greg Proops talking about Richard Attenborough, Gandhi, and David Bowie. And when we came through the last tunnel and rounded the last bend, the view of downtown Seattle impressed me exactly as it did when I drove into the place in June of 2001. There’s life in the old place yet!

I had good bus luck today. I arrived at 3rd and Spring to see my bus to West Seattle just two blocks away. The journey from Issaquah to West Seattle Junction took only an hour — which blows me away as it has often taken me that long to get home from work just 5 miles away!!

I sure make good use of my bus pass, don’t I? 🙂