Howl and wine

by Radio Somewhere

When my mother visits from England we usually schedule some activities with a friend of mine who is never short of ideas for things to do.

Our main objective today was the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. The deco exhibit is amazing! Then we headed over to the conservatory to look at plants. On the way we passed a group playing something called Bumble Soccer — quite a hilarious sight that had passers-by stopping to watch and laughing out loud!


The conservatory had some beautiful plants — perhaps more to be enjoyed on a bleak day in winter.



Before leaving Volunteer Park, we had to go up the water tower. On the way there we enjoyed watching this blue heron watching the poi fish most intently.


The view from the top of the tower was spectacular, but my iPhone camera had trouble with auto- focus as I tried to take a picture through the iron grille.


By then we were all hungry and took a bus down to the main drag of Capitol Hill where we had an excellent lunch at The Hopvine. My friend had the Lavender Mead to drink — something you certainly do not find everyday!

After getting another bus downtown, we parted company from my friend and went to look for a DVD copy of Howl’s Moving Castle. Barnes & Noble was sold out, so we took a bus down to Uwajimaya where we found plenty of copies in their bookstore. Then, right back to the tunnel for another bus to rendezvous with the C line to West Seattle; and we got the 50 to Alki just minute’s before my mother’s transfer expired.

We made eight separate bus trips today. And we did not see one angry person all day – even downtown. Everyone seemed happy somehow.

We enjoyed a bit of everything today and will enjoy watching the movie with some wine — once the sun goes down — which is happening wonderfully early now!