Orlando unfolding

by Radio Somewhere

A recent conversation with someone about reincarnation, and stories I have written of it, led to my being asked if I had read Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I had not. But I put it on my list. And I finished it yesterday. I laughed out loud frequently. I was inspired. And I was finally able to change my password at work!

This week I started taking an earlier bus to work — the one I used to take to a job I had several years ago — and for the same reason — the later one is rather less dependable — often not showing up at all! One gets tired of stuff like that. Besides, the earlier bus is less crowded, traffic is lighter, and there is more time to dally in the coffee shop at the other end. It is a different coffee shop now, of course.

I am planning the outline for the story I will write in November for NaNoWriMo. It will draw on ideas I have incubated for many years — some of which exist as rough pieces of writing in numerous notebooks I have carried — and on my old, recently-retired iPad.

I have had a story to tell for around fifteen years — but more pieces of it keep happening — and I have to keep rethinking it.

The old house that sits just below my living room window is going to be bulldozed and replaced by an apartment building. I am not sad. The backyard is an eyesore. I will probably enjoy watching the demolition, site preparation and construction. Then –perhaps — I can finally think about moving on myself.

Orlando eventually finished The Oak Tree. It took a few hundred years — but it was done.

I will keep plugging away.