2048 casualty

by Radio Somewhere

The 2048 puzzle game is addictive. I have captured the 1024 tile a couple of times — but 2048 continues to elude me.

And now I have to give it a rest. I might have to delete the app from my iPhone.

My right wrist is hurting and a lump is developing on top. Neither symptom is new to me. Excessive use of the track pad on my MacBook Air can cause wrist pain that goes away after a couple of days. And twenty years ago, I had a small trackball pointing device that hung off the side of my laptop; and that caused a big lump on my wrist. But this is the first instance of simultaneous occurrence — coming on in the last six weeks.

I’ve been using an iPhone heavily on a daily basis for over four years. And I’ve had the MacBook Air around a year. But I never had pain like this!

I installed a 2048 app back in the early summer. At first, I just played it to kill time. But as summer progressed, I found myself playing more aggressively — making rapid and repetitive swiping motions across the screen for long periods of time. By July, I was starting to feel pain in my wrist — pain which bothers me even just lying in bed at night.

I’m pretty sure 2048 is the culprit. I tried playing with my left hand for a change — and soon felt discomfort in the other wrist.

So I’m giving it a rest.

The 2048 tile isn’t that important!