Tourist at home

by Radio Somewhere


I’m enjoying three days off before I start my new job!

After a very nice coffee meeting in the Mt Baker neighborhood, I went back to downtown Seattle to buy a gag gift for someone at Magic Mouse Toys in Pioneer Square. I worked there many years ago and the place just isn’t as crazy as I remember. I bought a slingshot flying monkey, a toy that I always enjoyed demonstrating.

Then I needed a restroom and headed for the Central Library, from where I struck back to Second Ave with the idea of lunch buffet at the Indian restaurant near the Art Museum. Well. The restaurant must have closed — cos I’m darned if I could find it.

So I ended up with the tourists at Pike Place Market and was lucky to arrive at Piroshki when the line was relatively short. Normally I avoid the Market between July 4 and Labor Day, but having struck out on Indian food I was determined to have a cheese’n’potato piroshki — surely one of the world’s greatest foodstuffs. My tip was very well received by the young counterperson (they always thank customers who tip) and I left to find the line had tripled in length in the meantime. The line at the original Starbucks was very long too! I found a safe spot from which to enjoy the bluegrass band and watch tourists cheer as fish were thrown back and forth.

I did some half-hearted shopping for boots and gave up after a bit. I debated partaking of Happy Hour as I walked past bars on First Avenue. But I decided to head home — and took the Water Taxi as a change from the bus. It was my first ride this year. Ten years ago, when I was working at Magic Mouse, I rode the Water Taxi often. It was cheaper then and my bus pass covered the fare. Now, I have to cough up another $1.50 — but it’s such a nice ride on that I might start doing it again now that I will be working downtown again.

Boy, it sure is tiring being a tourist — and so nice being able to just come home when you’ve had enough!!