Memories in my closet

by Radio Somewhere

My tour of West Seattle thrift stores yesterday yielded two skirts, a blouse and a sweater. I also came across a pair of Doc Martens that had hardly been worn. I always think that I want a pair of Doc Martens — when I see them on someone else’s feet looking ultra cool. But whenever I get my hands on a pair, I begin to have my doubts.

A couple of years ago, I was in the Doc Martens store downtown. I looked at every pair of women’s boots, but did not find anything that looked comfortable on the inside. Too many bulky seams and little, or no, lining. My feet blister easily and I doubt I could get a pair of Doc Martens broken in — and I bet my feet would be cold and wet too often. So I will probably be looking for boots at REI.

Today, I culled my closet. I have some nice clothes I no longer wear which can be donated, but most of what I have discarded is not really fit for resale. I will put these in a donation drop simply because I cannot bear the idea of them going to straight to the landfill without the possibility of being recycled in some way. I wish clothing could go in with household recycling!

Anyway, tucked in a corner, I found a forgotten artifact of a previous life — my Atlas snowshoes. When I lived in Massachusetts, what seems like a million years ago, I really enjoyed snowy winters when we got them. My balance and coordination are so lousy that I had a hard time on skis, but I loved the traction afforded by snowshoes with built-in crampons. I went all over Mount Wachusett on those.

I brought them to Seattle even though I doubted I would use them — and I haven’t, although I came close in December 2008, when I walked to work a few times in the snow. I sometimes look at the snowy peaks of the Olympic range and imagine how nice it would be to go on a forest trek in the snow. But for some reason, I am happy to just imagine — and remember — and let it go.

I’m still keeping the snowshoes though!