Summer fatigue

by Radio Somewhere

You know when young children have had a busy, exciting day — and are tired? And how they insist they are not tired and can stay up for hours more before needing to go to bed? And how they soon succumb to fatigue and tears?

I’ve seen a few adults on the brink of that this fine, sunny, Seattle summer Sunday: unloading the car on returning from a trip out of town; still pulling weeds or doing yard work at 6pm — and looking like they’d really rather be doing something else; out of ideas after having to keep children amused for yet another weekend un-bracketed by school.

No wonder the library was so busy!! At 4:15pm, almost every seat and computer was taken. And the branch I was at has no A/C so it wasn’t about escaping the hot weather. Everyone had head down in a screen, book, or newspaper — probably “summered out” and ready for fall — but not ready to admit it!

A few parents have told me that their kids are looking forward to going back to school.

Perhaps summer is really too long….