A different view of Seattle’s Space Needle

by Radio Somewhere


One of my favorite views of the Space Needle! I took a few pics with people in the scene for scale — but even that did not convey the size of these nuts. Then I remembered the “scientist in the field” trick of putting the lens cap or a Swiss Army knife in the picture for scale. Lacking either, I used my coffee mug.

If you visit the Space Needle some time, as you ride up/down the elevator, when the attendant asks if you have any questions, pose this one:

What is the torque setting for each of those nuts that keep the Space Needle bolted to the ground?

I wonder if they know?

I have no reason to be at Seattle Center today. It’s not even on the way to my engagement this afternoon.

I think I just felt like watching tourists — family groups from all over the United States — and even the world! So I walked by the hipster coffee shops in Belltown to just go to Starbucks in the Armory. The monorail terminates here — and many people exit into the huge food court — which is where I am sitting right now.

It’s lunchtime and the place is filled with happy families eating. I just took a quick poll of the many tables in view — and I was the only person using an electronic gadget (although I now see a lady with a tablet.)

I’ve always loved this place. I was born in 1962, the year it hosted the World’s Fair. And the spirit of that occasion is very much alive here this lunchtime.