Cosmic rain

by Radio Somewhere

As I walked out in the sunshine this morning, I felt a few drops of water hit me rather hard — and cursed the SOB who had a garden sprinkler aimed at the sidewalk. But more drops came — and seemed to be following me down the street. I looked up at the sky — and saw just blue above. I kept walking and the water drops kept coming. Then I saw rain coming down and big spattered raindrops on parked cars. I looked up at the sky again and still saw just blue. Clouds to the north and east — but nothing immediately over me.

I used to teach introductory meteorology, and I racked my brain for a good explanation for rain falling out of a cloudless sky. I can probably come up with something plausible, given that the Seattle area was surprised by thunder and rain this morning.

But, I am also picturing the late George Burns and John Denver looking down at me from above — and laughing themselves silly:)