Mrs. Dalloway in demand

by Radio Somewhere

Having little familiarity with Virginia Woolf, I had no idea what to expect from an episode of In Our Time titled simply Mrs. Dalloway. Suffragette? Winston Churchill’s elementary school teacher? Heroic World War One nurse? First woman to scale Mont Blanc?

I fell asleep before the end of the podcast; not because it was dull, but because I was tired. And I’d already made note to self to read the book anyway.

This morning, I searched the Seattle Public Library catalog and found almost every copy of Mrs. Dalloway checked out systemwide. Seems like quite a few people heard the same podcast! A copy at my local branch showed as “not yet shelved.” I was about to place a hold — but then felt silly about making unnecessary work for library staff when I could just swing by on my home and probably find it on the shelf under “W”. And that’s exactly how it panned out!

I get to read a real book for a change:)