On my best behavior — and it’s killing me!

by Radio Somewhere

I’m still working on a career change that is taking for ever. I’m making progress — but I think I might just go mad before I find a real job!

The strain of having to always be on my best behavior is wearing me down. All my meaningful interactions with other people are at work; at various volunteer gigs; or in networking of some kind. I have to always be mindful that the person I’m talking with, or a person overhearing the conversation, might just hold the key to my next move.

I haven’t written much for my blog lately because I have been working on a job application. Now I need to start prepping in case I get an interview. And then I need to prod myself to get back to networking for more (serious) ideas.

But — what I really want to be is — a lion tamer!

(I’ve got the hat.)