World Cup Final

by Radio Somewhere

I’m not much of a sports fan these days — but you don’t really need to be much of a sports fan to enjoy the World Cup Final — especially when you’re watching on an outdoor screen in Occidental Park at Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. It wasn’t a massive crowd — but it was enthusiastic! Things have really changed since I moved to the USA in 1983. Back then, the only people interested in the game would have been immigrants and the parents of seven-year-old girls who played soccer. Nowadays, a Seattle Sounders crowd doesn’t look much different from a Seahawks crowd — and the crowd watching the game today was an all-American crowd — except the old man sporting a Brasilia jersey and staring at the screen with a wistful look on his face.

I was actually in Pioneer Square to attend another event on the next block, but time to watch the game had been accommodated. It was a great location with plenty of shade under the trees. I was rooting for Argentina, but was relieved when Germany finally broke the 0-0 draw in the second period of extra time. What I saw of the game (jiggling about on my tiptoes) was pretty boring — but it was a great spectacle regardless — considering all the people watching with us around the world.

My best World Cup tale of the day: on the bus in West Seattle I overheard a Brazilian man explaining his shaved head as the result of losing a workplace bet:)