Bonnets and smiles

by Radio Somewhere

I few weeks ago I posted something about the groups of Asian ladies I see on the bus — and made the observation that they always wear bonnets of some kind. Now that it’s July, the sun bonnets have broken out in large numbers.

Last week, I remembered that I have one I’ve hardly worn. So I dug it out to wear during this spell of hot, sunny weather. It does make for a more comfortable time outside. But I was also inspired to practice the old Asian lady approach to life in the big city.

One advantage old Asian ladies have is that they can always avoid irksome conversations by pretending to not know English. With my reddish-brown hair and fair skin, I doubt I could pull that off. But I found that if I pull the bonnet down far enough, I can get away with a nod and a smile — a smile that invariably gets returned. The bonnet just adds a touch of audacity to an otherwise anonymous smile.

Like it so far:)