First World Problems: enough with the sermons

by Radio Somewhere

I’ve been getting a lot of sermons lately about First World Problems.

My biggest offenses are probably coffee and internet access. I get annoyed if my coffee isn’t served hot enough — or if I get comfortable in a coffee shop only to find out that the WiFi is out.

I have addressed the former by paying a bit more for Americano instead of brewed coffee that might have been sitting a while. And I took care of the latter by getting an iPhone and using my cellular data smartly. So, lately I’m managing to roll with things pretty well — in my own personal life.

It’s at work that I find myself sweating the small stuff far too much. I keep being reminded that I am shipping business cards and stationery — not kidneys for life-saving transplants — and not to stress out so much. And, you know, it does make sense to me.

But, the reality is that my employer is operating in the First World and having to satisfy First World customers — and we are paid to respond to First World problems as though we were shipping vital organs for transplant!

I wish it could be different — and if I were in charge of this world, there would be no UPS Next Day Air shipments for anything without God’s approval.

So, I’m sorry — but while I’m at work I can’t promise not to sweat the small stuff that makes up First World problems. First World people gotta have their stuff when they want it!