Mad idea

by Radio Somewhere

Know anyone from Rhode Island? Me neither!

I lived in Massachusetts for more than ten years — in Worcester if you must know. I did a lot of driving in those days: along the Mass Pike (I-90), I-190, I-290, I-495, I-95, Rt 2, Rt 9, Rt 128, and all those country roads in between.

On the highways of Massachusetts, one naturally sees a majority of cars wearing Massachusetts plates. But Connecticut and New Hampshire are very well represented throughout the state, while Vermont and Maine make frequent appearances — along with New York and New Jersey.

But if you want to catch the wave of a Rhode Island plate, then it seems that you need to actually visit the Ocean State itself — for I don’t think Rhode Islanders ever leave the place — at least not in a car!

I’ve often wondered if this is some hallucination that’s been visited on me — but other New Englanders report the same observation.

Perhaps Rhode Island is the portal to another dimension? Is there an energy rift like the one under Cardiff, Wales?Anyone seen a blue police box parked in Providence or Newport?

Just wondering:)