Saved by pickles

by Radio Somewhere

This has been a nice July 4th so far — a very mellow end to rather stressful week.

My cat was sick for a few days and I needed to take her to the vet for peace of mind. This is one of those occasions for which my car-free existence is suddenly difficult. I had to walk 3/4 mile with an 8.5lb cat in a carrier to catch a bus. I’m very glad I have such a little kitty!! The old laptop I used to lug around with me weighed about the same — and I pondered that as I walked to the bus. Of course, then I couldn’t help remembering John Cleese’s TV commercial for Compaq in which he compared their first portable (luggable) PC with a dead fish. I’m glad to now live in the era of smartphones and the MacBook Air so that I don’t have to lug a dead fish around — but it’s still a pain to get the cat to the vet!!

Anyway, twenty-fours later, she had stopped retching, resumed eating — and I was relieved to finally see signs of normal bodily functions in the litter box.

Meanwhile, things were crazy at work — although there is light at the end of the tunnel perhaps, courtesy of the new guy. Larry (as in Cocktails with Larry) left last week; and in just a few days, we got rather buried. But then our new man was able to start work before the holiday after all — and start making a dent in the post-press piles of paper.

The new guy is not into cocktails, but he is into foodstuffs in a big way, including putting up his own pickles and jams. He brought in lots of jars of pickles yesterday so as to make space for this year’s harvest. I brought two home with me — and they are amazing!

There was a July 4th picnic today to which I was invited, but I had been inclined to give it a miss, because I feel awkward showing up to potluck affairs empty-handed — and I really had nothing to contribute — until I tasted the pickles last night. They were too good not to share. So I ended up going to the picnic after all — and having a great time.

Happy Fourth to everyone!!