Seattle summer solstice solution

by Radio Somewhere

The first official day of summer (with the longest hours of daylight of the year) would be dazzlingly sunny in Seattle. So, I took action. I searched through my storage locker in hope of finding a black, queen-size fitted sheet that used to cover the mattress of a futon sofa I no longer have — and I do indeed still have the sheet!

I managed to secure it over the window of my bedroom — which is now comfortably dark. My bedroom faces east, but looks out to a sea of window glass, which reflects sun into the room most of the day. Even with the blinds firmly closed, strips of light glare brightly into the room. My living room looks south, but windows reflect light my way even when the sun has moved around to the west, so I’ve had no place to escape the glare of the sun — until now.

After I hung the sheet, I was so pleased with the result that I lay down for a test-drive — and fell asleep for two hours. I woke up feeling wonderfully happy and refreshed — better than I have in weeks. Then, I went out to check my mailbox. I was greeted by the sight of Puget Sound sparkling in the summer sunshine — and it didn’t bother me at all! I was expecting to get that disoriented feeling you have when you have been drinking in a windowless bar for a few hours and come out into the light of day — but perhaps that has more to do with being intoxicated. I actually felt recharged.

Once I post this, I’m actually going to take a walk to Alki Beach — and I will enjoy it, knowing I have the dark of my bedroom to return to if I want, instead of having to wait for the sun to go down.