Cocktails with Larry: Honolulu

by Radio Somewhere

This one probably rounds out the series, as today was Larry’s last Friday at work prior to his departure for the next stage of his life in Hawaii. The last Friday cocktail had to be a good one — and he declared it well in advance: Honolulu!!

Pineapple juice
Orange juice
Lime juice
Simple syrup
A dash of bitters

Larry says the drink was actually invented in Manhattan, which made me wonder if the Manhattan was invented in Honolulu:)

Now Larry has to “break in a new bartender”, as he describes it. I still think he should go to bartender school and get a license. Imagine being able to go to work each day in a Hawaiian shirt, I said — at which he pointed out that the Hawaiian shirt is acceptable attire in many workplaces there. I guess it would be. I don’t know why they aren’t the rage the world over. It’s odd, you know: there are loads of Hawaiians living in Seattle, but you rarely see a Hawaiian shirt around town — except as car seat covers!

So, this is the end of a Friday tradition — not for Larry, because he’ll keep it going — but for everyone who has been party to it over time — especially our boss. Larry hasn’t been allowed to leave work on Friday without reporting his drink. I suspect we will “wonder what Larry’s having” for many Fridays to come!