by Radio Somewhere

I’m feeling kinda brick hammered after a long day of work. When I checked my bus home on OneBusAway it showed as leaving in five — from the stop that is a five minute walk from work if I run — so I ran, got lucky with both sets of traffic lights — and just made it!!

After dinner, I played a few rounds of Word Warp on my iPhone. My brain is in English language mode, because I had the BBC World Service playing at my desk all afternoon. (Too bad about Iraq — waste of a darned good war, as my bone-dry-witted, and sometimes cynical, father would have said down the pub.) And I think England’s World Cup hopes are dead — the idea of Italy having to beat Costa Rica and England having to beat Costa Rica AND even then, having to hope for a favorable goal difference in order to advance to try next round — all seems too far fetched. But, maybe we’ll be surprised…

Anyway, Word Warp doesn’t recognize the word “tor”, which in the Southwest of England means a hill or peak that stands up alone above the surrounding landscape — known as a “monadnock” in New England. While I’m on this, do you know that Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire is the most climbed mountain in the world? I’ve been up quite a few times, and a friend of mine was part of a fraternity ascent in the wee hours of a Sunday morning with a full keg of beer, which they duly dispatched at the summit watching the sun come up.

Another word that got the thumbs down is “wold”, which is a wooded upland in parts of southern England. Hmmm. I seem to have hills on the brain!

Good title for this. My brain is really tired. Needs wine.