Waiting for the dark

by Radio Somewhere

I don’t understand the enthusiasm for the long summer evenings. I suppose it’s because I don’t play softball — which is allegedly the reason we have Daylight Saving Time in the USA. Or perhaps because I don’t have a garden to take care of. Or perhaps because I’m basically a lazy person who enjoys being indoors indulging her imagination on the computer — or lying on the bed listening to podcasts when her eyes need a rest. It’s hard to enjoy such pleasures at 8:30 pm when the sun is still shining brightly into one’s apartment.

I love the darkness of winter. In the morning, it’s exhilarating to enjoy watching the sun come up after already having been working a while — makes one feel especially productive! And getting home from work in the dark is delicious because you can change right into your snuggly sleep clothes, even if you won’t be going to bed for several hours.

I do enjoy a beautiful sunset — when it happens around 5pm. Winter sunsets are more exquisite in any case. Tonight’s sunset in Seattle was at 9:08pm. As I write this, it’s now 9:43 — and almost dark. We have another two months of this to go, with the weather getting more and more summery, which makes it even harder.

I’m not sure which bothers me most — the summery weather, or the long hours of daylight — but each makes the other seem even worse. I grew up in England, which has extremes of day length even greater than we have in Seattle. But the summers are not as reliably sunny, and a post-9pm sunset is less disturbing when it’s been chilly and raining or overcast all day.

I wasn’t always like this. When I was a kid, I enjoyed long summer evenings riding ponies. And in my twenties, I enjoyed buzzing along New England country roads in my MG with the top down. Then something caused me to lose my love of these long summer evenings.

The solstice is almost here. Then I can begin my happy countdown to the Autumnal Equinox:)