Architecture gone skew-wiff

by Radio Somewhere


This building is a relatively recent arrival to the part of Seattle around the Stadiums, King Street Station, International District — too far north to be SODO, too far south to be Downtown.

I’m sure the architects are proud of it.

I’m sure it also creates plenty of tension — which qualifies it as art.

I’m not one of these people who has to straighten a picture hanging crooked on a wall. But recent jobs I’ve had have required me to be always lining things up neatly. I have a good eye for the plumb, square and level. (And so many unnecessary external angles in a climate as damp as ours strikes me as a maintenance nightmare!)

So whenever I see this building, I picture Godzilla, King Kong, or the giant cat from Monty Python, stalking up on this building, straightening it out with his paws, and stalking off again with a sigh of “That’s better.”