Howl’s Moving Castle — now with sound!

by Radio Somewhere

For the last couple of months, I’ve been starting my day with coffee at a rather wonderful place in Belltown called Bedlam. On the wall near the counter is a TV screen that usually shows animated movies with the sound muted. KEXP radio provides the soundtrack. And it’s amazing how often the music accompanies the scene as though composed for it!

The same movie has been playing for a few weeks. The imagery is fantastic beyond my imagination — and my imagination is hardly shabby! On a couple of occasions, the music/movie activity combo has moved me almost to tears as I wait for my Americano. I was compelled to ask the staff about the film — and immediately Googled the title on my phone to keep
it handy in case I forgot. Then I went into the Seattle Public Library App, looked up the title in the catalog, and requested the DVD. I just picked up the DVD from my local branch.

I have never heard of Hayao Miyazaki, and I know nothing about the culture of Japanese animation. But this feature has been growing on me five minutes at a time — sometimes the same five minutes! — but without sound.

Young girl working in hat shop; turned into old lady; runs like mad to climb aboard the creepy contraption, encouraged by hopping scarecrow; talks to spirit in the fireplace; flies above dreamlike landscapes — has something of the weirdness of my life about it — and perhaps some answers too?

This isn’t my usual form of entertainment. I’m going to have to play the disc on my old MacBook. I hope I’m in for a treat!