All is well at the end of the day

by Radio Somewhere

Long day. Left work late. Bus for home leaving in two minutes from a stop that’s a five-minute walk away — if I run AND the traffic lights are in my favor! Don’t feel like running anyway — or waiting thirty minutes for the next.

So, I take my chances on another bus that departs on the quarter hours a few blocks away. The minute hand on the Starbucks Center clock is almost at the bottom of the hour, and I have get across railroad tracks and through two pedestrian-unfriendly intersections. I resign myself to just missing the bus and having to sit at the bus stop for fifteen minutes writing a blog post on the annoying end to my day.

But, no train blocks my way and I don’t have to wait too long for the little white man — and just as I reach the stop, I see the lovely sight of a slightly-delayed bus coming my way!The downside is that this bus only takes me within a forty-minute walk from home — but the walk does take me past Trader Joe’s and cheap wine:)

So, I’m writing this from the comfort of home after a good dinner. And once
I’m done, I’ll pour myself a glass of plonk and look forward to a good night’s sleep.