Cocktails with Larry: Watermelon Cooler

by Radio Somewhere

It was a busy Friday of playing catchup — but when I cornered Larry at the guillotine, he already had the cocktail decided on. I just Googled it and found various recipes — but I’m describing what Larry’s probably ordered and is still enjoying right now at a Downtown bar. (I need to follow him one day, wearing an elaborate disguise, to see what really goes on !)

Light rum
Lime juice
Watermelon liqueur floated on top

I generally do not bother with quantities, but this one gets served in a tall glass — if that helps:) I like bartenders who mix cocktails holding the liquor bottles upside down a couple of feet in the air.

I don’t like seeing the jiggers come out. I’m a quantitative type and anal retentive to boot — but some things need wings;)