Cocktails with Larry: Cosmopolitan

by Radio Somewhere

It wasn’t our usual kind of light-hearted Friday at work. The boss was out attending to a very unfortunate family emergency — so it was a matter of trying to get business taken care of as best possible. There wasn’t much time (or mood) for cocktail talk — and Larry didn’t have an idea until just before he left.

Cosmopolitan. I gave him a blank stare. Martini with cranberry juice, he explained. Vodka or gin? Gin.

I looked up the recipe, and it’s not quite a martini — it specifies vodka bad instead of vermouth it calls for an orange liqueur such as Triple Sec or Cointreau. But it’s served in a martini glass:)

Larry will be leaving us next month to move home to Hawaii. He joked that he’ll need to break in a new bartender! I suggested that he go to bar-tending school and start a new career. But I don’t think he wants to deal with drunks:)