Follow that bus!

by Radio Somewhere

When you just miss a bus — and hop on another one going the same way, hoping to catch up with your target before the buses go their separate ways: that stunt.

I rarely bother with stuff like that, because I usually have time to spare, but this morning I felt like having a go — and the traffic lights were with me on Third Avenue in downtown Seattle. My 21 pulled up behind the 131 at Pine St. and after waiting for a senior with a walking frame to get off the 21, I barged my way through the crowd on the sidewalk — just like in the movies — and onto the 131 without skipping a beat AND without having asked the driver of the 21 to lean on the horn a few times.

I was proud of my bus-riding capabilities — although I really didn’t have to get the 131 — several buses can take me to my job in SODO (including the 21 for that matter, albeit not so close.)

Just felt like it 🙂