Next on my Nook

by Radio Somewhere

The contents of my Nook library are listed here. The object is not to impress — I am not as well read as I ought to be and my tastes are hardly sophisticated. But what IS amazing is being able to carry all these titles everywhere I go on a little gadget that fits in my purse! And, I reckon I have enough reading matter to keep my busy for many years (and I have still more in iBooks on my iPad.)

Something that makes the reading experience different on an e-reader is that you don’t necessarily know how close you are to the end of a story. This is especially true when you are reading from a “Collected Works” in which “page 1234 of 9876” is pretty meaningless. When reading a real book, you can see how many pages remain — and anticipate the end as it comes.

On Friday, I finished Song of the Lark by Willa Cather and experienced the brief sense of sorrow I can get when the story ends before I expect. I had really enjoyed this book and found some inspiration. Yesterday, I had errands to run and no time to read. But today, I enjoyed coffee and a muffin and wanted something to read. I hadn’t dipped into Edith Wharton for a while, so I browsed the Table of Contents of the Works and ended up going with a short story I have read before — which seems a bit wasteful when there are so many I have yet still to read. But Xingu is just exquisite — and I think it can stand multiple readings before one really gets all the little nuances. It’s just so dense!! Go Mrs. Roby:)

Not sure what I’m going for next…..

Across the Stream: E.F. Benson
Ashes of the Beacon: Ambrose Bierce
Brave New World: Aldous Huxley
Ecclesiastical History of the English People: The Venerable Bede
Collected Stories: Eudora Welty
Collected Works: Willa Cather
Complete Anthology of Short Stories: Edgar Allan Poe
Complete Fairy Tales: Oscar Wilde
Complete Stories: Dorothy Parker
Complete Works: H.G. Wells
Complete Works of Saki: H.H. Munro
How to Lie with Statistics: Darrell Huff
Just So Stories: Rudyard Kipling
Kings and Kingdoms of Early Anglo- Saxon England: Barbara Yorke
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible: Jonathan Goldstein
Learning SQL: Alan Beaulieu
Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives: David Eagleman
The Arabian Nights (1001 Nights): Richard Burton
The Distant Hours: Kate Morton
The Ferrari in the Bedroom: Jean Shepherd
The Gnostic Gospels: Elaine Pagels
The Jeeves Collection: P.G. Wodehouse
The Pickwick Papers: Charles Dickens
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Oscar Wilde
The Stories of John Cheever
The Works of Edith Wharton
Too Much Happiness: Alice Munro
Wanda Hickey’s Night of Golden Memories and Other Disasters: Jean Shepherd
Winesburg, Ohio and Other Works: Sherwood Anderson
Works of Mark Twain
Works of O. Henry