The “all-important” weekend forecast

by Radio Somewhere



Weather is largely irrelevant to me these days. My pleasures and interests take place quite happily indoors, or can be easily accommodated in Seattle rain. I am also not someone who lives for the weekend. I hardly have the best job in the world, but I enjoy myself at work most of the time, and I have a weekday schedule that I enjoy as much as any Saturday or Sunday – and often find myself looking forward to when Sunday night rolls around. So, a forecast such as that the one shown above is hardly going to get me down. If anything, I welcome a break from the summer weather so that I can enjoy being indoors without feeling I ought to be outside instead.

I know I’m something of an exception though. I no longer have a TV, but I can imagine the scene on the local nightly news as the news anchors turn expectantly to the poor weatherman for the verdict on the weather for the upcoming weekend, despite the fact that it’s only Tuesday. Weekend weather conjecture can start as early as Monday. I don’t understand the need for sunshine — just as long as its not raining buckets or blowing a gale. But then, there are people who probably couldn’t have an orgasm unless the sun was shining!

There is one exception in my memory though: one rainy weekend when I actually did feel sorry for someone about the weather. It was a Friday in June, 2002, and the weather was the type only a duck (or someone like me with a good raincoat) could enjoy. I didn’t have a good raincoat, but I went out anyway because I needed a bottle of wine, and while I was out, I dallied in Starbucks a bit and enjoyed a venti latte. Walking home I got soaked, but I had nowhere else to go that day and would be able to change into dry clothes and just snuggle down to enjoy listening to the rain. But just a couple of blocks from home, I saw a sight that touched even my insensitive sensibilities. A lady had just got out of her car and was reaching in to pull out…. dresses that were obviously intended for bridesmaids. She was fussing over them to make sure they were adequately protected by the plastic garment protectors before walking with them in the pouring rain.

As I walked the rest of the way home, I remembered the day I got married — a beautiful fall day in Boulder, Colorado. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and aspens at peak color made a wonderful backdrop for our photos. And I realized a lot of brides were going to be facing their wedding day in this awful weather, which was forecast to stick around all weekend. I hoped that whoever had booked these June weddings had had the forethought to plan a foul-weather alternate venue. A marquee or tent just wouldn’t have been up to the challenge. I imagined brides’ heels sinking into soggy lawns or even mud; rain leaking in through sagging tent roofs; worried relatives hunting down blankets to drape over elderly guests showing signs of hypothermia; and never enough umbrellas to go around. Even the most optimistic bride should not count on good weather in June in Seattle — or perhaps anywhere for that matter!

So, if you have a wedding on the agenda this weekend, and the weather doesn’t cooperate, then you do have my sympathies — and I hope the day isn’t spoiled.

Otherwise, I couldn’t give a whoop-dee-doo.