Tap Fish – 2010

by Radio Somewhere

The iPod Touch I bought in early 2010 replaced a WiFi-enabled Hewlett-Packard PDA (curiously named the HP iPAQ) that I’d bought back in 2006 – so there was some serious WOW factor there!

I bought the thing mainly for email and web-browsing, but quickly got into podcasts and apps. What I was not that interested in though were games, and I only bought one word-scramble game called Word Warp, which I still enjoy on my latest iPhone. But a coworker showed me Tap Fish, which was quite a hot fad at the time. The whimsy of it – having a virtual tank of pet fish on a hand-held internet device – rather appealed to my daft side, so I downloaded it.

Tap Fish drew me right in! However, I didn’t have WiFi at home and so couldn’t tend the fish as often as I would have wished. I had to start going for coffee before work so that I could feed the famished fish and clean the filthy tank before everyone died! Then I started waiting for buses at stops within reach of hotspots. It became a bit of a chore – but I managed not to lose a fish in six weeks:)

Then I bought an iPhone and put Tap Fish on that – starting over from scratch. A few days later, I checked the tank on the iPod Touch and found a horrible scene of neglect and decay – so I let it go:(

The iPhone tank thrived wonderfully now that I could tend the tank at any time. I bred new species and gave my favorite fish names. But then tragedy struck! Something went amiss during an iOS update, and the Tap Fish app reset itself. I was too upset to even think about starting over again, so I just deleted the app.

I tried Tap Resort for a while – but got tired of picking up beer cans and banana peels. And Tap Store was just too much like work (I was in retail at the time.)

Yep! Tap Fish was cute:)