Safeway surprises

by Radio Somewhere

A lot of people I know wouldn’t be caught dead in Safeway. Well, they probably never shopped at the Edwards grocery store in Highland Park, NJ c. 1996 – or, the IGA in Prestonsburg, KY. In Seattle, even the low-end grocery stores like Safeway and Albertsons are satisfactory for me. And Safeway has a few hidden gems, such as: the jumbo cookies made at their bakery. They are sold as a 2-pack for $1 – and the cookies ARE large. They come in several varieties, but the cranberry-oatmeal is my yummy favorite. The only trouble is, they don’t seem to have a regular spot in the bakery section, and are often placed as impulse buys in not-such-obvious places around the store – so I sometimes have to go on a bit of an Easter egg hunt for them.

Another Safeway surprise is apple pie. My first apartment in West Seattle was a few blocks south of Alaska Junction. One morning, I was woken by the smell of pies baking. The smell was so amazing, I assumed it had to be coming from somewhere in my building – some industrious neighbor up early to bake. But when I went out a couple of hours later, the smell of apple pie pervaded the neighborhood, and upon reaching the Safeway, I discovered the source of the delectable aroma. I bought one of the apple pies and was in heaven the rest of the day – and the next – it was a large pie.

I just enjoyed a couple of those cookies with a large mug of tea. After an afternoon of walking in Seattle rain, they really hit the spot!