Cocktails with Larry: something for the Kentucky Derby

by Radio Somewhere

With the Kentucky Derby running tomorrow, Larry was exploring ideas for a cocktail to mark the occasion. We quickly ruled out the Mint Julep as lacking in originality and also foul-tasting to boot! But once he got busy on the card slitter, Larry ran with the idea of mint – and as he’s Hawaiian, he ended up fusing mint with mai tais – and then things got complicated.

I’ve never made a mai tai myself, but Larry’s description involves a base of light rum and ice shaken with fruit juice and grenadine, and then topped off with dark rum. Darn it! It sounds rather good right now! (We were actually talking about this around noon time, long before happy hour starts.)

Now, the revised version for the Kentucky Derby is as follows: add crushed mint leaves to the light rum; hold the grenadine; top off with bourbon. We then discussed what to name it. Well, as it happens, there is a cocktail called the Back Scratcher that rather answers to this description – minus only the mint. So, call it a Mint Back Scratcher, or a Kentucky Derby Back Scratcher – and be sure to ask for Makers Mark:)

What am I having? Well, I got off my bus right outside a Trader Joe’s, so I’m having a cheap night in with Charles Shaw.