No fan of summer

by Radio Somewhere

I like to come home from work in the dark, change into warm, snuggly clothing, curl up with the cat, and enjoy soup beans for dinner. For a nightcap, I enjoy a chai latte or hot chocolate with cookies or brownies. Sometimes the drink is spiked with rum:)

But it all breaks down in May. As of almost 7pm this evening, the temperature is still above 80F and it won’t be dark until after 8:30. Here in Seattle, we are about to head into a four-month stretch of evenings light until at least 9 – and I hate it, even when it’s not too hot.

I’m going to have to go for a walk to take my mind off the winter pleasures I won’t be able to enjoy for many months. I’m just not excited by fruit or salads – and iced drinks are irritating. By August, I’ve often succumbed to the cheap white wine from a box in the fridge – but I think I’m going to cave even earlier this year – and have a bit of a drinking summer:)

The light at the end of my tunnel comes with the start of the football season – and I’m not even a football fan! Even back-to-school sales get me excited – and I have no kids!

There must be something good I could say for summer – but I can’t think of anything at present.

Off to walk….