by Radio Somewhere

My sister in England asked my opinion on the city of Portland, “near Seattle”. This is roughly what I told her:

I’ve never been to Portland, as in Oregon! It must be nice, because many Seattleites suffer from Portland-envy and seem to have an inferiority complex about it. On the other hand, visitors from Portland often complain about their city and wish it was more like Seattle! So, go figure!

When I am in the company of malcontent Seattleites indulging in Portland-envy, I pretend that I am confused and that we are discussing Portland, Maine – which is 3000 miles to the east.

Either way, just about everyone will tell you that Vancouver, B.C. is far better than either Portland or Seattle.

Bear in mind, there is also a Vancouver in Washington State, down near the border with Oregon. I’ve not been there either – so I can’t vouch for how it stacks up to either Seattle or Portland – or the Portland in Maine, for that matter:)