Hate to leave home without it!

by Radio Somewhere


My battered, oversize (it actually holds a bit more than 12oz ) tall travel coffee mug has outlived a couple of day bags! I think I bought it almost four years ago. It’s one of the more expensive ones sold at Starbucks, but has paid for itself a few times via 10c and 15c discounts. With the lid screwed in tightly, it can be knocked over without spilling, and drinks stay hot a long time.

I rarely leave home without it, unless I’m pretty sure I won’t be stopping anywhere for coffee. And on those rare occasions I do forget it, I usually forgo the idea of coffee altogether, because: I hate to use a disposable cup; I find that in-store coffee cups are engineered to maximize the cooling rate, presumably so that you’ll finish it sooner and either order another or be on your way; and, if the coffee shop is one I regularly frequent, then I have to hold up empty hands and confess that I don’t have my mug.

It took me several years after moving to Seattle to commit to a reusable mug. And I’m not sure why, because when I lived in the Northeast and drove everywhere, a reusable Dunkin Donuts mug lived in my car’s cup holder and got plenty of use. In Seattle, I ditched my car and became a bus rider and found that King County Metro and Starbucks were a convenient coupling all over town. In the morning, I was usually boarding the bus with a venti latte in a disposable cup!

It did seem wasteful to be tossing so many cups, especially if I had a second later in the day. But I rather liked drinking from the paper cups with the plastic kids and was very resistant to the idea of a travel mug, my main excuse being that venti-sized mugs were hard to find – which is true.

I think it was getting an iPhone in 2010 that convinced me of the practicality of a reusable mug – which lends itself to being tucked under your arm when you need both hands free to play with your gadget. I tried various models before finding this stainless steel one – and its beat-up appearance testifies to extensive use.

It’s perhaps time to replace it… but I’m a bit attached to it 🙂