Cocktails with Larry: more martinis

by Radio Somewhere

Larry was a bit slow to make up his mind this week when I asked what he would be drinking after work. His first choice was a Long Island Iced Tea, but I reminded him that he had had that quite recently. Then he suggested Sake, and I dismissed it as hardly the basis for an interesting cocktail! After thinking a little more, he raised the idea of a martini of some kind.

He likes martinis made with Midori, but I had to remind him that was one of his St. Patrick’s Day drinks (Green Martini), the other being an Irish Cactus, which has Bailey’s Irish Creme and tequila as the main ingredients! I don’t let Larry repeat himself.

Anyway, he went back to work at the guillotine, but shouted out “mango martini” over the noise of the machine. There is a mango-flavored vodka, apparently. That led to a brief discussion of bacon-flavored vodka and what to name a martini made with that: Porcine Martini?

I then learned that a Dirty Martini is a regular martini with olive juice mixed in. Now that sounds pretty disgusting! But Larry returned to the idea of a Mango Martini. He’s from Hawaii and loves fruity drinks.

I often have wine on a Friday night, but tonight I felt like just having tea and some chocolate cookies. Boring, I know – but I get to live vicariously through Larry:)

Mango Martini it is! Cheers!