In Our Time: the ultimate podcast!

by Radio Somewhere

It’s hard to listen to Melvyn Bragg introducing his panel of guests on In Our Time without thinking of a sketch from
A Bit of Fry and Laurie or Monty Python!! But you learn to quickly dismiss such silly thoughts – as well as the observation that a disproportionate number of guests are affiliated with Birkbeck University of London – for this is the jewel in the crown of BBC Radio 4 – and one of my must-download-and-keep podcasts.

This is not good listening for a bus ride, though. There is always a guest who mumbles in a soft, low voice that you have to strain your own diaphragm holding your breath in order to hear. It has become bedtime listening for me, but I gather that in Britain, it is broadcast at 9 in the morning – which seems a rather odd time to be listening to such weighty topics on the radio!

A quick look through the episodes I have on my old iPhone includes the following topics: Catastrophism, Chivalry, Exoplanets, Hindu Ideas of Creation, Plato’s Symposium, Pliny The Younger, Prophecy, Social Darwinism, Spartacus, States of Matter, The Berlin Conference, The Book of Common Prayer, The Domesday Book, The Eye, The Invention of Radio, The Mamluks, The Medici, The Microscope, The Phoenicians, The Tempest, and The Trinity.

More than ten years of programs are archived at iTunes under the categories of Culture, History, Philosophy, Religion and Science. When you have listened to them all… go back and listen to them again. You will then be well armed to handle anything else the BBC might ever throw at you!