Somewhere to perch

by Radio Somewhere


I am a connoisseur of sitting perches in Seattle. I don’t own a car and get around town via the walk-bus combo. I’m also one of those anxious types who’s usually way too early for appointments and need to find a place to kick my heels for a while. Coffee shops are obvious places to kill time, but I don’t always want to spend money. So I’m always happy when I find somewhere to sit without the pressure of being a customer. In downtown Seattle, I like the City Center on Fifth Avenue. There are plenty of interesting nooks and crannies to sit in, and if you are near the Starbucks, you can use WiFi.

However, once the summer weather arrives, there are so many possibilities outside. Yesterday morning, I had twenty minutes to kill in Belltown. It was sunny and mild, so I decided to check out the new Bell St Park, a radical redesign of four blocks of Bell St to favor pedestrians – and those of us who have time to sit around and watch the world. There are clusters of colorful tables and chairs, but what I really love are the granite blocks of various heights that lend themselves to perching. I availed myself of one of these at the corner of Third and Bell from where I could watch the goings on at the bus stop and in the off-leash dog park.

Very nice. I’m going to have to return one morning when I have time to sit longer:)